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Welcome! This site will be a hub to find all the various things I'm doing online and off as well as a continual work in progress. Take a look around and enjoy your stay!

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I consider it no small task to support the arts and artists. I just started a Patreon account and I would very much appreciate any support you can give so that I can continue to create and design.

I'm offering rewards that include behind the scene images and videos of my artistic process, free icons and graphics, one on one design/brand/book consultations, plus physical rewards every month like one of a kind scratchboard cards, posters, and more. Thanks for reading and if you can, any amount (even $1 a month) is awesome and appreciated!



"Name that Game"
Kickstarter is launched!

Check out my my latest Kickstarter, "Name that Game". It's great to finally combine my passion for games and graphic design.

Thanks very much for your support!

Counting On Letters!
Check out my my first alphabet board book! It's called "Counting on Letters" and I'm super excited about it. It officially comes out on September 23rd but you can pre-order it now!

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The Spooky Box
What's in The Spooky Box? You'll have to make it till the end of the book to find out!

A Book About Design
Books to teach basic principles of design in a simple, yet understandable way.

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One to One Hundred
The final One to One Hundred project was a success! Thank you! I really appreciate everyone who supported and continues to support these projects, it means a lot to me.

Shop on Etsy for 18x24 One to One Hundred Posters

Previous Successful Kickstarters

One to One Hundred 2

One to One Hundred

The Mythical Alphabet and Cryptozoology Posters

Story Posters
I’ve always been a fan of silent storytelling. My intent is always to make a narrative that works as a piece of art. I love trying to combine the flow of a story with the aesthetics of color, balance, shape and form. Some end up more art than story and others more story than art but that’s what makes each one a unique experience.

The newest Story Poster is FLY CAT.

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Graphic Design
A few examples of various logos, posters, and icons I've done over the years.

Do you have any specific needs for graphic design, logos and branding? Let's talk! I am always available for freelancing.

Scratchboard Art
There's something about scratchboard that really appeals to me. It's a subtractive process that's closer to scupture in my mind than illustration.

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As with most things, Mr.Oblivious began with a question. How many times can you tell the same joke and still make it funny (or at least reasonable funny?) It never dawned on me growing up how many cartoons I watched that were totally the same story with just a different take. I loved them anyway no matter how many times I watched and still do.

96 page Mr.Oblivious Kindle Comic on Amazon
Includes comics, sketches, and commentary by me.
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